ok cool logo

OK COOL is a slow fashion brand and stands for effortless leisure wear sustainable made with finest organic fabrics and unseen details.

We love keep forever pieces. And we believe in the uniqueness of shirts and sweaters expressing your style and attitude in an ad lip way. That is why we create feel good textiles that last and consider sustainability a must. With the zebra style for coolness, high end materials and unseen details. Because we know: your most favorite piece should be of lifetime quality: to always carry your adventures, love stories, life journeys on your skin – as a reminder how cool your life is.

Made from the guts. Wear by the brave. We are your feel good textiles the Zebra style.

We focus on high quality shirts that last and put longevity over momentary trends. And we consider sustainability a must.


Organic quality

We always go for the best, highest quality fabrics. Our shirts are made of finest organic cotton and recycled materials. Because we love products that last a lifetime.

Sustainability first

We are a slow fashion brand, and for us, feeling good also requires that your clothing are made with respect for both people and the planet. Sustainability is in everything we do.

Detail love

We love great designs with special details. Because our details are never details.

Wear positivity

A relaxed life is a better life, so are our designs and messages. Stay relaxed, stay cool and be positive.