OK COOL is a slow fashion brand and stands for effortless leisure wear sustainable made with finest organic fabrics and unseen details.

Our goal is to create feel good clothing that convinces with high quality and that last. And we do this by passionately following our core values. Because we want to encourage you to buy high quality products which last a lifetime, rather than buying fast fashion.


Sustainability first

Slow fashion is cool fashion.
We are a slow fashion brand, and for us, feeling good also requires that your clothing are made with respect for both people and the planet. From the beginning, we only sourced high quality garments that is produced in the most responsible and ethical way. 

Our suppliers produce under fair and ethical conditions and are members of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), which promotes fair labor conditions across all production steps (more info on 

Sustainability is in everything we do, making deliberate decisions about who we work with, how we work and what materials we use.


Organic quality

Coziness you’ll never want to take off again.
We chase for the best, highest quality fabrics. All our products are sustainable made of certified and organic garments without any synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Our garments are 100% biological organic cotton and only recycled polyester. 

Coz we want our shirts to last to carry your adventures.


Detail love

Less is sometimes more.
We love great designs and special details. And we love to add those special details to our products. Because our details are never details.


Wear positivity.

A relaxed life is a better life,
so are our designs and messages. Take a look around you and see how cool life is. Stay relaxed, stay cool and be positive.


WE are a group of different kind of people who have one thing in common:

We are LIFE LOVERS and FIGHTERS at heart. We are no daydreamers, we take life as it comes and deal with it. If you wake up, dress up and never give up to pursue your dreams
– that is OK COOL. An attitude towards life.

We don’t take life and ourselves too seriously. We rather take things in a more relaxed way. We like a good laughter, keeping the kid in us alive. Staying positive is a key to having a good life. Because a relaxed, fun life is a better life. And we don’t care what others are saying.

We do our thing.


Why we love the Zebra? - Not only are they super stylish with their black and white stripes, the same pattern functions like a natural aircon system. According to zoologists the black stripes absorbs the heat while the white ones reflects it. How cool is that?!? And every pattern of stripes of a zebra is unique. Helps zoologists to identify each of them over the time. 🖤
Like our human fingerprint. Everyone of us is special, is unique. Remember that.